Functioning and Types of Power Inverter

Basic Explanation Of Power Inverter

In the electrical field, an inverter has a very crucial role. As the name suggest, this is an electronic device which functions by changing the DC (direct current) power to AC (alternating current) power.
It has various options of output voltage, input voltage, frequency and power handling.

What to keep in mind is that the device only changes the power not producing any power. A power itself can be a combination of electronic circuitry and mechanical effects or be an entirely electronic. Meanwhile, moving parts are not used in static inverters during the conversion process.

How The Power Inverter Work 

So, how does this device work? Well, it’s a basic concept indeed. Imagine there is DC battery but the electronic device needs AC power source instead. How does the electronic power get the power to operate? This is where the device comes forward and functions. Instead of getting an AC battery, why don’t put an inverter to the output lead? This smart decision gives a proper AC for the device to operate. Moreover, controlling the work of inverter is very easy. All you need to do is pressing the switch and it starts to reverse the current repeatedly about 60 times per second. Imagine if you do it by hands. That is a lot of work.

Types Of Power Inverter

The main function of the device is as simple as reversing power source but it has three types. The first type is Sine Wave. This wave is usually what you get from generator or local utility. This type works by rotating the AC machinery to produce the sine waves which are the natural products. Luckily, this type is commonly used in almost any equipment sold in the market such as battery.chargers, light dimmers, microwave, and bread makers. Therefore, sine wave inverter is essential to make sure the equipment works to full specifications.

The second type is modified sine wave. This wave from is similar with square wave only with extra step. This sine wave produces higher frequencies above 60Hz. As a result, it can only be used in certain applications or equipment such as fans, pumps and refrigerator. Usually, it doesn’t work properly for digital clocks and electronic clocks.

The third type is the square wave inverter which is the cheapest one. It usually runs on simple tools like those with universal motors. However, this type is now rarely used unlike the sine wave and modified sine wave.

As we know the best type of all it is Sine Wave ,it has biggest efficiency and also safe used on  almost electrical equipment.For suggestion if you have limited budget to buy it and plan used at non sensitive device,modified sine wave can be best alternative

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