Transformator Facts to Know

We can enjoy the thrill of television, the radiant lights, recharge mobile phones, or uses kitchen appliances such as fridge, washing machine, microwave oven or else mainly because of transformator or transformer on them. 

Transformator is an electrical device that can change the level of an AC voltage level to another. Transformer works on the principle electromagnetic induction and it can only work on alternating current (AC). Transformers play a very important role in the distribution of electrical power.

It raises the electricity from electric generator to hundreds of kilo volt to be distributed, and then the other transformer is lowering the power supply to the voltage required by every company, institutions, or your household need. 

A simple transformator basically consists of two loops or coils of wire, the insulated primary coil and the secondary coil. In the most transformers, insulated wire coil is wound on an iron called the Iron Core. When the primary coil is energized by AC (alternating current), it will cause a magnetic field or magnetic flux around it.

The magnetic field strength (Magnetic flux density) is influenced by the amount of electric current. The larger the electric current, the greater the magnetic field will be. Fluctuations in the magnetic field around the coil first (primary) will induce electromotive force in the second coil (secondary). And there will be devolution of power from the primary coil to the secondary one. Thus, there is a voltage level conversion from low into a higher voltage or vice versa.

The iron cores of transformers in general are the collection of thin isolated metal plates and formed in layered fashion to ease the magnetic flux generated by electric current as well as to reduce the temperature of the heat generated.

The ratio of windings in the secondary coil to the primary one determines the ratio of the voltage at second coil. For example, one winding on the primary coil and 10 on the secondary coil windings will generate the voltage 10 times from the input voltage on primary coil.

This transformer type is usually called the step up transformer. Conversely, if there are 10 coils on the primary coil and one coil to the secondary one, the voltage generated by the secondary coil is 1/10 of the input voltage in the primary coil. In addition, the transformer of this type is called step down transformator. That’s the basic information about transformer.

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