The Use and Inductance Capacity of Inductor

In electrical, the role of inductor is undeniably essential. It’s an element in the form of passive electronic component with capability to store electrical energy. This energy is formed as magnetic energy. Each inductor consists of coil as the conductive material and an insulated copper wire which is wrapped around the core.

The core itself can be ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material. Energy flowing through inductor is then stored in the magnetic field which is located inside the coil for as long as the current flows. It works under one principle which is opposing a change in the current. It’s actually similar to the flywheel that opposes changes in the rotational velocity. 

This component has something amazing particularly of its coil. It’s when the coil is placed in varying magnetic fields that a current will start to flow through. The rate of the change of the field determines the amount of the current. The inductance capacity of the inductor itself is varying. It depends on how many turns that the conductors are wound rotated around the core.

More turns are equal to stronger generated magnetic field. There is also another way to generate stronger magnetic field which is by changing inductors’ core or increasing inductors cross sectional area. 

This electrical component has two main uses. The first use of inductor is to store energy in a magnetic field to allow us to allow electronic products. The second use is to resist any changes in current’s amount that flows through it. It’s actually vital to make sure the electronic products do not get more amount of current beyond its capacity that can trigger damage. 

When it comes to the capacity, there are several different factors that affecting it. The number of the coils affects the increase in inductance. More coils are equal to more inductance and vice versa. The area of coil’s cross section also has the same effect as the coil’s number.

The fact is the bigger the area, the more inductance. Inductance is also affected by narrowing or overlapping of the coils. Material being wrapped around the coils is the last prominent factor affecting the inductance. Now that you are familiar with the basics and function of this component, it doesn’t take lots of effort to make inductor by yourself. Mainly, you only need a core and a coil. The core can be made from ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material). Meanwhile the best material for coil is copper. With a quick process, this component is ready to use.

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